Egyptian Y-Chromosomes Indigenous to North Africa and Nile Valley ኒለ ቫልለይ: My Fathers’ Haplogroup E Family: E-PN2= M78, M35, M2/E-V38. The Egyptian Triad Paternal DNA

Egyptian Y-chromosome Diversity @ Luxor This is more focused on the Egyptians around Luxor, where Upper Egypt was located. A recent DNA study by Cruciani that focused on the Y chromosome E-M78 revealed that it was ’born’ in North East Africa , not East Africa as previously thought. This means, that an Egyptianwith an M78Y chromosome has had... Continue Reading →


BBC NEWS ARTICLE-2009 – Skeleton of Cleopatra’s Mother and Sister was African

Cleopatra's Mother was African They were real People and NOT the semi-Mythical figures portrayed by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor   Cleopatra, the last Egyptian Pharaoh, renowned for her beauty, was part African, says a BBC team which believes it has found her sister's tomb. Queen Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy, the Macedonian general... Continue Reading →

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