The ብጃ Beja The Egyptian (Ta-seti) ጥሰቲ Warriors known as the FuzZy Wuzzies/ Queen Tiye of the 18th Dynasty


Ta Seti Fuzzy Wuzzy Beja 2


በጃ Beja the Ta-Seti Archers



The  Beja በጃ (Ge’ez language:)(Arabic: البيجا‎) are an ethnic group dwelling in parts of North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

The term Bejawi comes from Ta-Itjawypeople of Itjawy“.

Ta-Seti Neferet, the mother of Egyptian King Amenhemet I‘s was of a peoples from Upper Egypt known as Ta-Seti. He built a great city state called “Amenemhat-itj-tawy” (“Amenemhat the Seizer of the Two Lands“), more simply called Itjtawy.

Amenemhat’s Ta-Seti army and conscripts came to be known Ta-Itj-tawy. In modern languages this is pronounced Bigawy, Bedjawi or Bejawi, Beja.

The Beja are found mostly in Sudan, but also in parts of Eritrea, and Egypt. They formerly were classified as belonging to the Hamitic race (a classification now generally regarded as scientifically incorrect).

Most of them live in the Sudanese states of Red Sea around Port Sudan, River Nile, Al Qadarif and Kassala, as well as in Northern Red Sea, Gash-Barka, and Anseba Regions in Eritrea, and southeastern Egypt.

Other Beja ethnic groups are endemic to Egypt’s Western Desert and to Yemen. Some Beja groups are nomadic.


In Ancient Egyptian times, the Beja በጃ were known as Ta-Seti ታሰቲ

and were renowned for their skill as “archers in the Egyptian army”.

The Beja በጃ have also been named Blemmyesin Roman times,

ቡጋስ “Buga”s in  አፁሚተ Axumite inscriptions in Ge’ez,

and ፉዝዝይ ዉዝዝይ ”  “Fuzzy Wuzzyby Rudyard Kipling.

The Bejas attach a high importance to their “Hair”.  Their Prominent Crown of Fuzzy Hair”

(it is called tiffa in their language) and has characterized the Beja for centuries….

Ta-Seti Beja (fuzzy wuzzy)

(Bejas believe that they are the descendants of a female Lioness deity and her Hue-man consort…)

The Prophecy of Neferti is an Ancient Egyptian literary text, wriiten for

King SnoFru from the 4th Dynasty Old Kingdom:

“Then a King will come from the South,  Amen ye the Justified by name.

SoN of a Ta-seti Womb-man, child of Upper Egypt..

He will take the White Crown and He will wear the Red Crown, He will join the two Mighty Ones..

Rejoice O’ People of his time..

The Sun of wombMan, will make his name for all Eternity ! ..

Asiatic invaders will fall to his Sword..

Libyans will fall to his Flame..

Rebels to his wrath , Traitors to his Might !

As the serpent on his brow, subdue the rebels for him..

One will build the Walls -of- the- Ruler to Bar Asiatics from entering Egypt”..

Beja Young Man  ..  photo by Vit HassanThe Egyptian Beja groups are believed to be the descendants of

The Maahes Caste of High Priests of Amen and their Soldiers.

Ta-Seti (beja) WarriorsEgyptian- Priest-Kings ; Pinudjem, Psusennese and Masaharta are acknowledged as

The patriarchal ancestors of Egypt’s Western Desert Maahes by Egyptian Bejas.

Hereditary Chief Sheikh Beja Khawr al`allaqi is a descendant of one of Egypt’s oldest surviving lineages.

Egyptologist, Emile Brugsch traced the clan of the Khawr kiji through the matriarchal Female line to the 20th Dynasty.

The Khawr kiji claim their Ancestress Maternally was the Mother of an even “earlierDynasty.

Most Egyptian deities first appeared as very local cults and throughout their history retained those local centres of worship, with

most major cities and towns widely known as the home of these deities.

The Goddess Isis originally was an independent and popular deity established in predynastic times, prior to 3100 B.C.,

at Sebennytos in the Northern Delta’s Lower Egypt.

Beja worshiped the Goddess Isis“(Eye-Sis) at Philae until the 6th century. After the temple was closed down officially in the 6th century

A.DGoddess Isis, wall painting 1360 B.C.

Queen Tiye of the 20th Dynasty THE NEW KINGDOM..

Queen Tiye of the 18th Dynasty .. the New Kingdom,

Queen Tiye ( 1398 B.C.-1338 B.C.) also spelled ( Taia, Tiy and Tiyi)

She was the daughter of the Royal Family,  Yuya and his Wife Tjuyu @ Amarna..Family Royal Temple@ Amarna of Yuya and Thuya

Tiye became the Great Royal Wife of the Egpytian Pharaoh Amenhotep III and the matriarch of the “Amarna Family”.Amenhotep III

The Amarna Family’s lineage can be traced back to the Royal Family of Ancient egypt..Amenhotep III and Queen Tyie

Tiye’s Father, Yuya , was a wealthy landowner from a Southern Upper Egypt town of Akhmin.

There it is said that he served as a Priest and Superintendent of Oxen...

Tiye’s Mother, Thuya was involved in many Religious sects, as her many titles attested..

( singer of Hathor, Chief of the Entertainers of both Amun and Min..)

These traits suggest that she was a member of the Royal Family..

Tiye was married to Amenhotep III by the second year of his reign. he had been born of a secondary wife of his father

and needed a stronger bond to the Royal lineage...

Amenhotep III Head  Statue

Amenhotep appears to have been crowned while still a child perhaps between the ages of 6-12 yrs old.

Tiye and Amehotep had at least 6 children, out of the six, one went on to become Pharaoh, his name is Akhenaten.Amehotep IV aka Akhenaten

Tiye’s eldest daughter Sitamun, was said to have married her father Amenhotep III, and become entitled , the

Royal Great Wife , as well…

The Great Land of Mother Al’kebu-Lan.. (Africa)

The Mother Land

Map of Egypt/Sudan's Nubia Nation. year of 1910

Names for Ancient Nile Valley Egypt

as a source for population classifications…

The Ancient Egyptians called their land many things

including ta-meri ታመሪ and km.t. ከሚተ.

Also, They called Upper Egypt- ta-shemu ታ ስሀሙ , “the sedge”, and

Lower Egypt- ta-mehu ታ መሁ or “the papyrus thicket”.

One of the most popular names for Egypt in ancient Egyptian is km.t (ከሚት) (read “Kemet”), meaning “blacks”.

The word is composed of the noun km , which translates into “black”, and determinative t, which makes the word a plural.

The use of  ከሚት km.t “blacks” in terms of a place was generally in contrast to the “Desert” or “Red land”: the desert beyond the Nile valley.

When used to mean people, ከሚት km.t “people of  Kemet”, “black people” is usually translated “Egyptians”, some writers argue.

Debate has centered around whether the ‘kmt’ term is an ethnic, cultural, spiritual reference, or a combination of the three.

Some scholars suggest that the term refers to the ‘racial’ or ethnic characteristics of the people.

Still, other scholars disagree with this position, and hold that k.m.t refers to the color of the land, or soil, and not that of the people.

It is of note that terms meaning land, such as ta, orateb, are No where to be found in the name km.t Land,

However is found in other names, typically as ta, like in terms:

British East Africa Map of Ethiopia Tana land of the Ta Nahesi.jpg

Ta-Nahisi ታ ናሂሲ , and Ta-Seti ታ ሰቲ , which translate to

“land of the southerners”, and “land of the bow” respectively,

The latter a reference to the Nehesy or “Nubian” weapon of choice…

The Nile river was sometimes called “Ar” አር or “Aur” ዐኡር

(Coptic ‘laro‘).

The land itself may have been given its oldest name,

‘Kem’ ከም or Kemi’ ከሚ ..

which signifies darkness, based on the black color of the sediments from it….

Y-chromosome variation among Sudanese: The Beja, Nubians Dinka and Afro-Asiatic Speakers

ቢልልይ ጋምብለ

ቢልልይ ጋምብለ

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  1. I myself recently had my DNA tested. Not to go into grave detail, but my mtDNA results stated that my haplogroup is L3e1.
    age is roughly 70k-80k yrs old originating in Central-East Afrika.
    The L3 ancestors were one the earlier haplogroups to leave Afrika, Although high frequencies are found in populations across North Afrika.

    As for my Y-chromosome, result show that my haplogroup is R1a. (Indo-Eurasia haplogroup)
    R1a’s age range is approximately 35k-40k yrs old. Some studies show that R1a’s origins are in the Middle East (west Asia) and migrated to the Western European area.

    Highest frequencies are found in India, west Asia as well as eastern Europe.

    1. Shezdaan the Algerian! Whats good S ?
      I appreciate your input. I am also fortunate to know that both of your parents Dna has been analysed.
      Your Mothers (L3e1) dna is in relation to my mothers (L2a1). They both may have originated in central or east africa, in some cases west asia’s middle east and are part of the Nile Valley Family, however though we share the Nile Valley’s Northerly route down the Nile.
      L2a1 comprised most of the Blue Nile (Horn of Africa and North Africa)
      where L3e breaks from The White Nile (Kenya/Sudan) in a North westerly migration inhabiting large parts of the Sub/Supra Sahara. As well as Central Africa..
      example: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Niger, Chad and the other 5 countries of the Sahara.
      L3e also has notable frequencies in Yemen 34% and Oman 60%.

      Your fathers Y-chromo ( R1a) is a Typical Indo-Eurasian Haplogroup: The frequencies are the highest @ 60% in Southwest Asia and India.. They also are in notable frequencies in Middle East and Egypt and Asia minor’s Europe.

  2. What is amazing about this is the fact that you can find out about your own family origins as opposed to someone telling you where you come from. Many people will be shocked to see that they may not necessarily come from where they’ve always thought they did, or where they were told they were from.

    Moreover, they’ll find that they have a whole lot more in common with those they would’ve never imagined.
    In doing this, one will KNOW who they are and not have to accept anyone else’s label for them. I highly recommend people to “do their DNA”——WHY NOT? OPRAH DID IT?!?! lol

    Seriously, it should be done for personal enlightenment, and this information can be passed down to further generations. One can only expect positive outcomes from KNOWING WHO YOU ARE! You know as well as I know, we have to break this long chain of ignorance. Why not start the chipping process here with us, right now?!

    1. I am starting to feel like people are not interested in finding their ethnic origin. which is fine, however Here’s my bipartisan perspectives on the so called African American:

      1. African Americans are from Africa ? Really ? All of us ? where from ? ( east. north, south, west or asia ) ( sahara, congo ) etc..

      2. Africans do not call themselves African: Kenya-Kenyan , Ethiopia-Ethiopian , Nubia-Nubian, Morocco-Moroccan etc… ( so now back to my first question are you sure your from africa ?)

      3. You have to know what your Nation of Origin is, in order to have a Nationality ( see my second question above )

      4. The 14th Ammendment was created to take us all out of our sovereign national status.. ( us citizen, resident , black, white, negroe, african american etc..) (see questions 1,2 and 3)


  3. In response to number 2. It is so funny that you say that because whenever so called black Americans are asked the question, “What are you” it’s always African American. The person who asked the question would acknowledge the answer then say something like, “OK, but from where?” Their guesses were Dominican Republic, Panama the Caribbean or something like that.

    None of those i’ve run into were able to say what country they were from.
    In fact, like “Sarah Palin”, they assumed “Africa” was the Country ?
    It’s ok though because most of us were raised ignorant.
    Like I stated before that chain of ignorance has to be broken.

    That 14th Amendment thing is deep. Although it was created to give the newly freed slaves
    (2nd hand) citizenship,
    ( u.s. citizen, negroe, colored, mulatto ), most of the Americans unknowingly “contracted” themselves into this 2nd class citizenship.
    WOW !!! ….And still continue to do so by going by the labels you mentioned, black, white, other etc…….lol

    1. I know that you like to joke about the identity of those african-americans !

      You ignore the historic facts but they know where they come from .It is AFRICA..

      Before colonisation ,Africa was same land for all africans and if you want to know the country that they come from , you have to go back in the lybrary or university and read the history about the western african countrys, like Guinean country, Senegal, etc..

      Bro , be proud of who you are and we have to follow the example of Malcom X who reverted in Islam , the religion for all humanity without racism ! You can read his letter when he was in muslim pilgrimmage in Mekka !

      Let me tell you some historic facts about ancient-egyptians and their origins :
      “« Again the representations of the early Puntites, or Somali people, on the Egyptian monuments, show striking resemblances to the Egyptians themselves. » By Brian Brown New York: Brentano’s[1923]/”

      “”The Egyptians sometimes called Punt land Ta-Netjeru, meaning “Land of the Gods,” and considered it their place of origin .” (Richard Pankhurst, The Ethiopian Borderlands:1997)/

      “Encyclopædia Britannica describes Punt as follows: “in ancient Egyptian and Greek geography, the southern coast of the Red Sea and adjacent coasts of the Gulf of Aden, corresponding to modern coastal Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti .”/

      “The Making of Egypt” (1939). Petrie states that the Land of Punt was “sacred to the Egyptians as the source of their race.”/ In “Short History of the Egyptian People,” by E. A. Wallis Budge. Budge stated that “Egyptian tradition of the Dynastic Period held that the aboriginal home of the Egyptians was Punt.”

      1. Welcome Ely and thanks for stopping by..

        Though i may joke around, I am absolutely serious about this subject matter.

        You ignore the facts, that i have already covered the Ancient Egyptians correlation to Punt, the Horn of Africa and East Africa as a whole. My Five Points of Evidence, and you can post your rebuttle:

        1.Modern Genetics

        2.Linguistics and Culture

        3.Biblical Accounts

        4.Geography and Hydrology

        5.Botany~note: (is a branch of biology and is the scientific study of plant life and development.)

        You mention that before colonization that Africa was the same land?

        Before you speak on Facts you should understand name etymology and history itself.

        The name ”AFRICA “ came into Western use through the Romans… it is not the Native name.

        The “Original people of AfRICA” never referred to it by that name.

        Africa/Egypt was called:

        ” Ta-Meri/ Ta-mery = ታመርይ,”… ”Kampt /Kemit/kmt = ክምት ,”… or ”Sais = ሳኢስ“… by Ancient Asiatic inhabitants…

        The Romans used the name Africa terra — “land of the Afri” (plural, or “Afer” singular) — for the northern part of the continent,

        “The North Africa Sahara” as the province of “Africa” with its capital “Carthage”, corresponding to modern-day Tunisia.

        The origin of Afer may either come from:

        Phoenician `afar, dust; 
-the Afri, a tribe—possibly Berber—who dwelt in North Africa in the Carthage area;

        The Greek word aphrike, meaning without cold; 
-or The Latin word aprica, meaning sunny.

        The Moorish historian Leo Africanus (1495-1554) attributed the origin to the

        Greek word phrike (φρικε, meaning “cold and horror”),

        combined with the negating prefix a-, so meaning, a land free of cold and horror.

        But the change of sound from ph to f in Greek is datable to about the first century,

        so this cannot really be the origin of the name…

        Egypt was considered part of ”ASIA” by the “Ancients,” and first assigned to “Africa” by the geographer
        Ptolemy (85 – 165 AD), who accepted Alexandria as Prime Meridian and made the isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea the “boundary” between Asia and Africa.

        As Europeans came to understand the real extent of the continent, the idea of Africa expanded with their knowledge.

        Afri (singular, Afer) was the Latin name for an ancient people located on the shores of the

        Southern Mediterranean Sea near the city of Carthage, nowadays Tunisia.

        The first record of their existence was made during the Punic Wars (264-146 BC) between ancient Rome and Carthage.

        The name may be connected with Phoenician `afar, dust (also found in other Semitic languages), or with Berber `ifri, cave.
        Back in medieval history, Ifri-qi-ya or Ifriqiyah (Arabic: إفريقية‎) was the area comprising the coastal regions of what are today western Libya, Tunisia, and eastern Algeria.

        This area included what had been the Roman province called Africa, whose name it inherited. (North Africa)…

        Secondly the Continent now called Africa is also Geographically connected to Asia, which is an extension to our homeland as well.

        You also fail to see that this blog is about Anthropology, which deal with the facts of “Who are the Ancestors of modern Homo sapiens?”, “What are humans’ physical traits?”, ”

        How do humans behave?”, “Why are there variations and differences among different groups of humans?”,

        “How has the evolutionary past of Homo sapiens influenced its social organization and culture?” and so forth..

        I was born in the Americas, however i share genetic ancestry through my (mtDna L2a1) as well as my y-chromosome marker (E1b1a) with North Africans, East Africans as well South West Asia (the middle east). Both of my parents haplogroups have an
        East African or North African Origin which goes back as far as 20,000-33,000 YBP (years before present)..

        I created this blog to show that continent called Africa now has 54 countries with over 300 different ethnic groups in each country, who has their own individual language, custom, and culture, which ultimately makes it the most diverse continent in the World… We also made comments about the 14th Amendment.. and race classes such as Black, Colored and Negro
        (slave for life term), which falls under the same class as African American…

        If you had done your research you would known that African Americans only match 40% of Africans in the MtDna Databases.
        You would have also known that some socalled African Americans have Origins in the Americas as well as Asia and Europe.

        The reason why me and my Brother Shez were joking is because it is very naive to believe that all so called African American have West African ancestry.. One can not always tell a persons origins from their phenotype… You need to have FACTS





        Haplogroup L2a1:

        Ifriqiya on Wikipedia:

        Y-Dna Haplogroup E1b1a:

        African-American mitochondrial DNAs:

        My Blog Article on Ethiopians, Egyptians, Nubians and Hebrews:

  4. The above comments make no sense in light of history.

    Unlike an African who recently in the last 50 years came from the continent, from a specific country, with a specific ethnic group, this is not the case for “African-Americans.”

    They have been here since the 1500’s and were forced here (no migrations) and stripped of the knowledge of their heritage.

    When an African-American speaks of being “African-American”, they are acknowledging that the “Blacks” in America are an amalgamation of different African ethnic groups.

    We are the ONLY Africans in existence.

    We represent people from Senegal, Kenya, Mozambique, Angola, Cameroon, Kongo, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, and Senegambia.

    All of these people have come together to become Africans. Ethiopians aren’t Africans. Nigerians aren’t Africans.

    Nubians aren’t Africans.

    Africa is a continent, named by Romans and Arabs (Afri – Rome, Afriqah – Arab).

    The “Africans” haven’t come together to become Africans.

    There is no national unity on the continent of Africa.

    Until the people on the Continent of Africa come together and create

    a national ethnic group, you aren’t African: you live in Africa.


    The African-American name represents their “origins” in the continent of

    Africa, but honors their struggles,

    accomplishments and culture developed here in America.

    So the people in Africa need to get it straight before making comments about a history they don’t understand..

    Asar Imhotep

    1. Hotep ሆተፕ and Shalom ስሃሎም

      Whats good my brother,

      First let me say that all the comments made above are from American

      Born African decscent...

      We both had both of our Parents DNA Analysed..

      Our parents are related to the Nilotic people of both White/Blue Nile..

      The Nile Valley Civilization...

      From Ugandans/Kenyans to Amhara (Abesha)-Ethiopians, Nubians and Egyptians...

      I Traced my Family background back to 1870 using the U.S.Census

      and it was revealed that we were related to the Cheraw/Lumbee Indians,

      and that we were listed as Mulattoes for 133 years..

      Mulatto was also used interchangeably with terms

      like “Turk”, leading to Further ambiguity when referring to many

      North Africans and west Asia Middle Easterners.

      Excerpt from: The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families,

      The Van Salee Family..

      Anthony and Abraham Van Salee were the Ancestors of the

      Vanderbilts, the Whitneys, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Humphrey Bogart.

      They were among the Earliest arrivals to 17th century New Amsterdam.

      In a number of documents dating back to this period, they are both described as “Mulatto”.

      From what scholars have been able to piece together about their background,

      The Van Salee brothers appear to have been the sons of a Dutch seafarer by Jan Jansen

      Who had “turned Turk” and become an Admiral in the Moroccan Navy.

      With the Port of Salee as the base from which it harried European shipping, references to the

      Fleet he commanded are salted away in the old English sea shanties that are still sung about the Salee Rovers.

      The Mother of his Two Sons was probably a African concubine he had while trading in this part of the world before his conversion to Islam.

      As a result of the anti-social behaviour of his white wife,

      Anthony van Salee was induced to leave the city precincts of lower Manhattan and move across

      The river, Thus becoming the first settler of Brooklyn.

      Since Coney Island abutted his property, it was, until sometime in the

      Last Century, also referred to as “Turk’s Island”; the word, “Turk”, being a designation of his which the records used interchangeably with, “mulatto”

      At the time the Kennedy administration began implementing its civil rights agenda,

      the New York Genealogical and Historical Society approached

      Mrs. Jackie Kennedy hoping to discuss the opportunity her

      African Ancestry, through the Van Salees,

      Could have in possibly assisting her husband to realize his social goals regarding race relations.


      The word “Gambella” came from the Ethiopian-Anyuak language, meaning “catching a male tiger with bare hands.” “Gam” means to catch and “bella” means male tiger.
      Gambella state (Anyuak country) was situated between Southwestern Ethiopia to Pibor River and to the West up to Nyium the present day Nasir in Sudan.

      So that was our race/term until 1924 under the Racial Integrity Act…

      All people from Virginia lost thier ethnic indentity and would be forced

      with out recourse to us the term Colored/Negroe then much later,

      December of 1988 while under the President Ronald Reagan

      African American..

      African American is a Ficticious Corporate Term/Phrase- and is Not a True Nation-ality…

      In October of 1997 Under President Bill Clinton, OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET,

      It was revised assign the term Negro to African Americans

      (excerpt from the Office of Management and Budget)

      A. Categories and Definitions of Race terms:

      The minimum categories for data on race and ethnicity for Federal statistics, program administrative reporting,
      and (civil rights) compliance reporting are defined as follows:

      1.American Indian or Alaska Native. A person having origins in any of the Original peoples of North and South America (including Central America), and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment.

      2.Asian. A person having origins in any of the Original peoples of the Far East,and Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent including, for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam.

      {3.Black or African American. A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.
      Terms such as “Haitian” or “NEGRO”} ?

      Can be used in addition to “Black or African American.”

      4.Hispanic or Latino. A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.
      The term, “Spanish origin,” can be used in addition to “Hispanic or Latino.”

      5.Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands.

      6.White. A person having origins in any of the Original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or NORTH AFRICA.

      Respondents shall be offered the option of selecting one or more racial designations. Recommended forms for the instruction accompanying the multiple response question are “Mark one or more” and “Select one or more.”

      (excerpt above on racial classification from Office of Management and Budget)

      I dont understand how your Civil or Human Rights, has Nothing to do

      with so called African Americans and Africans..

      We have been here way long before 1500’s ..

      We are Indigenous to this Country as well..

      Archeology and literature has been Written on this.

      Dr.Ivan Sertimas book, ” They came before Columbus elaborates on this..

      The above Discussion was also about Jus Sanguinis, Nationality Laws and Human Rights as

      supposed to the limited version of rights called Civil Rights..

      Malcolm X before his untimely departure was advocating for the

      socalled Negroes/African Americans to obtain “Human Rights” as supposed to Civil Rights…

      Under the United Nations

      “Declariation on the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples”

      Article II says every person has a right to a Nationality..

      So we need to get it straight on both sides, because no matter what

      Continent you were born on..

      There are Constitutions/Contracts, that Governs over the People,

      Citizens, and Soveriegn and Homeland individuals Globally…

      Hopefully, when The Freedom of Information act is in effect.

      Everyone would be able to get it straight...

      There are 16 countries still pending legislation..

      Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Botswana

      and the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Argentina

      and Jordan are among the pending Countries..

      (Zimbabwe was entered in Feb. 2002)

      ብልልይ ግምብለ the ኣፁሚተ።

    2. interesting though however may I say to you that, your solution sounds like you want to go in the way of calling each separate groups of Africans by our tribe names which is Okay an accurate however remember it was not us Africans that put that label on us in the first place,now that would be OK if the other groups would be willing to do that it would be something, how every the caucasion brain intellect makes it had for them to even call us by right names now “African american”, think about it, and btw the arab is not native to Africa, the arab is an invading foreigner like all of the other invaders to Africa, the arabs how ever has done the best at deceiving the world that they actually belong here, think about that also.

      1. Welcome, thanks for your comments..
        Let me be clear before i make a statement…

        Who are you directing your questions to?
        Please identify with the persons name, so that the right individual can be properly addressed..
        Any claims that i make, i have the evidence to back it up..

  5. Brother Asar Imhotep,

    I’ve come in peace……

    To your statement…….my sentiments exactly!!!

    I agree with your comments. BUT I believe that WE have been here much longer than the 1500’s tho.


    How many of our people THINK Africa is a COUNTRY?

    How many of our people would call the stuff you speak about, “THAT BLACK STUFF?”




    How many of our people carry the SLAVE MASTER‘s surNAME, AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT?

    How many of our people are under the InFLUence of the Religion that was FORCED upon us?

    (You mentioned Rome, right?)…….

    How many of our people consider our “Familia” in so-called Latin America, Foreigners ?

    How many of our people keep US down?

    How many of those play the role of SHEEP Herders to keep US in check ?

    I can go on and on Brother. I appreciate your comment though. I can feel the passion you have. We need that.

    We need individuals like you to help enlighten those who are Willing.


    Maybe where you are, our people are Conscious, but we need a Whole lot MooR than that.


    The Assyrian Algerian

  6. In fact, like “Sarah Palin”, they assumed “Africa” was the Country ?
    It’s ok though because most of us were raised ignorant.
    Like I stated before that chain of ignorance has to be broken.


    This was just to show you that I WAS part of the problem. Now, I’m one of those trying to break those chains……..


    The Assyrian Algerian..

  7. Hotep my brothers:

    I am proud to see my people coming together to conversate about something

    More important than Kanye and the MTV awards.

    Iron sharpens iron keep it going

    I am being enlightened from the information that’s posted.

    It has to b a good feeling to know where u come from and who u are,

    Instead of somebody telling U who U r and don’t know.

    Our history doesn’t matter to most of us thats 1 of the main reason why its not respected.

    Yo Gamb like I told the Sa’Ra, I have to take my D.N.A test immediately !!

    Without that, I cannot know my ancestral history and our true inherited heritage, and

    Without that knowledge , How can we possibly know ourselves ?

    As Adam Clayton Powell jr said:

    There’s is no future for a people who Deny their Past.

    If u don’t know who U r as a People

    U don’t know who U r as a Person.”

    Hotep and peace to the gods as we all r and children of the most high GOD.

    Signing off ” THE NEBKIRU.”

  8. Billy Gambela

    The North Afrikan Maure, Nubian, The Axumite ኣፁሚተ ።

    My brother. you mentioned Virginia. And yes we as the label of blacks in this country don’t know squat about who we are !
    It was Ann wagner back in the 1500’s who helped implement the brain washing of our people with religion.
    She ran a school in virginia to teach the slaves. Or rather the children of slaves.Now lets fast forward this generationaly to today. What do we know about who we were?
    Forget about who we are now. And as brother Shezdaan states.

    This is that black stuff to some. what does it matter to others.

    We as a people are still in chains educationally. We were programmed to hate our selves and it is why the majority could careless

    about our ancestry but would rather talk about Kanye...

    And one more thing Gamb….U and Shez stated about being a sheep herder.

    Well we have them in our own homes…

    Our parents, The brother or sister, the wife.. Women where used as a means to keep men undersubmission, but this is another topic in itself, But if you understand,excuse me.. if you overstand you will know what I mean.
    The masses or should I say the corperations do not want us to know about our past. It is why it’s being systematically erased today over in Egypt and Ethiopia.

    Btw.. I went to see the Lucy (Dekenesh) exhibit yesterday… Learned somethings and was pissed off by some. Me having some knowledge of this I was able to Oversee through the Bull$@#!

    White America still hides the fact that the !st people were black. There is still some degree of racism in these antropologist doctrine. But those of of who have no knowledge of themselves will believe everything that is put infront of them without ever doing a bit of research.
    As the saying goes….. You want to keep something from a black person put it in a book.. Maybe we should put it in the next issue of
    Dubbs, or King, or black hair. Jet and Ebony still don’t do it.. Go figure….

    Hotep the “Pitbull” Sa Ra

  9. Peace, Hotep, Shalom,

    What’s good Gamb,

    I was just reading some of that OFFICE OF MGMT AND BUDGET.

    That there is Crazy....

    Let me paste what stood out for me at this particular time:

    {6.White. A person having origins in any of the Original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or NORTH AFRICA.}

    My first question is What ORIGINAL peoples of Europe ?

    I mean did not the African’s migrate there ?

    Wouldn’t THEY be the ORIGINAL peoples of Europe ?

    I’m talking way back when, Europe was just coming out of ICE. Maybe not, right? Am I pushing it ?

    I’ll say I’m Uncertain on this one, it was just a Question.

    {back to the topic at hand… white/north africa/middle east}

    Is this thing saying, WHITE = MIDDLE EAST ?

    (still I find it weird that there’s no MIDDLE WEST) ?

    Anyway, my question is, do the so-called WHITE people consider the so-called MIDDLE EASTERNERS WHITE ?

    I mean pick any location where so-called WHITES MAY DWELL.

    North/Central America, Europe, Australia anywhere and ask them.

    I am very interested to know how THEY view these individuals.

    Also, do the so-called MIDDLE EASTERNERS consider THEMSELVES to be WHITE ?

    Are you telling me that the place where many people think the

    “Terrorists” come from is actually a WHITE nation/state/territory etc ?

    WOW, I mean I’ve read that the people IN North Africa, don’t even consider North Africa

    TO EVEN BE IN AFRICA or a part of Africa.

    Do the so-called WHITES everywhere else consider the North Africans to be WHITE ?

    just a Question.

    I think I get it though……..It seems to me that if North Africa is WHITE,

    Then it would mean that the Egyptians were and are still WHITE.

    Therefore, they can claim damn near everything.

    The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Arts, Sciences,

    Mathematics, Language, Astrology, Astronomy,

    Philosphy, Geography and Religio Systems etc.

    But that would also mean, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Aristotle and all the others who came to Egypt to study

    (and was it them, who called the Egyptians Black or having Burnt/Black skin) got it wrong ?)

    The good thing is that they came to learn from their fellow WHITE counter-parts.

    Lastly, all of this will coincide with the Helios-Biblios‘ story

    (and picture book) of the diety called Jesus.

    That would make him WHITE. Forget what the description says in Revelation

    Forget about the description liking him to Brass and the color as if Burned in a Stove etc… (however it goes)

    ( the office of budget and management)..




    1. Hotep ሆተፕ and Shalom ስሃሎም,

      Whats Good Brother Shez.. Wow !! You’ve said an Earful

      It is very interesting that Line 6. of the Classifiaction of White includes North Africa and Southwest Asia’s Middle East,

      However i do believe that it, Does pose some Problems..

      African people are very diverse in thier migrations Inside and Outside of Africa, Everywhere you go in the World,

      There is a High Probability, that you will find some Ancient African Artifact, Fossil, Paintings or Tools, dating back to the

      Upper Paleolithic Period around 50,000 years ago or the Old Stone Age as it is understood in Europe, Africa and Asia.

      {Here is the Dilemma, in using this Racist narrow minded system}

      (excerpt from online article: Egyptian immigrant sues U.S. Government to Change Race from White to Black)

      A Dark-Skinned Egyptian immigrant recently filed a suit in

      Detroit to get the Federal Government to Change his Racial Classification from White to Black.

      The man, Mostafa Hefny, 46, said his Classification

      Is Based solely on his Country of Origin, and it has kept him from

      Seeking jobs, Grants, Scholarships and Loans as a member of a minority group.

      Hefny said although he’s from Egypt, his Ancestry is from the

      Ancient Black Kingdom of Nubia, now a part of modem Egypt and Sudan.

      His suit targets Directive No. 15 of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget,

      Which defines {Blacks} as having (Origins) with the (Black Racial Groups) of Africa and

      {Whites} as having (Origins) with (Original) peoples of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt.

      Hefny, a Naturalized U.S. citizen, said his Hair is Kinkier,

      His Completion is Darker and his features are more African than Blacks Such as Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer and retired Gen. Colin Powell.

      “I was Born and raised in Africa and they were Not,” he said.

      “And yet they ( in the u.s.) are classified as Black and I am classified as White.” No court date had been set for the Lawsuit..

      COPYRIGHT 1997 Johnson Publishing Co.
      COPYRIGHT 2008 Gale, Cengage Learning

      (pictures of mostafa henfy courtesy of cnn: click link below)

      {Here is an excerpt from the OBAMA‘s administration OMB)
      (obama’s office of management and budget)

      (b) Black

      The Term “Black” in Directive No. 15 refers to a person having origins in any of the Black Racial Groups of Africa.

      There were suggestions to change the definition to “persons having origins in any of the Black peoples of Africa,”

      Or to define the term to include All Black persons regardless of Country of Origin or Country of Citizenship.

      Requests were made to identify Blacks according to the Geographic Region of their Ancestors.

      “African-American” and “Black African-American” were suggested as names for the category

      [the suggestions of “Black American” and the newly “Amero-Fian”
      (Described as Blacks who are American Natives, European, and West African)

      (more excerpts.)

      (1) Collect Data for Black ethnic groups according to Geographic Origin of Black Ancestors:

      (African, Haitian, Jamaican, Caribbean, West Indian, Brazilian, Ethiopian, etc.)

      Blacks born in Brazil or the Caribbean (especially immigrants)

      Do Not Identify with the Term, “African American.”

      Some Blacks who have been in the United States for Generations have

      (No Record) of where in {Africa} their (Ancestors)

      were Born or (Origin) and Do Not wish to be called


      {Mid-1997 OMB Publishes Final Decision regarding any changes to Directive No. 15 in a Federal Register notice}
      (See OMB under Clinton Oct 1997 pasted in prior comments)

      Billy Gambela
      {2010 Census Link below}

  10. Hi my name is Shawn

    My Haplogroup is E1b1a7

    Whos ancestry is said to come from Slaves from Equatorial Guinea

    Which was so called discovered by so called portuguese we were one of the Families

    That were of Sephardic Descent that went into slavery in Virginia 1607….

    Did some research on my surname,besides it being German, English, Russian, Polish Jewish…

    Also Portuguese, which is Estancil believe to be known as a Sephardic Name, which they do like to admit.

    Haplogroup E3a7 is of Sephardic descent just like E3a which is around 8%

    My Family on my Fathers Side They Were People, I believe Escaped The Inquisition

    I am Full blooded on my fathers side…

    Leave me any reply or response, I would like your opinion.. Peace!

    1. Hotep ሆተፕ and Shalom ስሃሎም

      Welcome Shawn..


      Most of the slaves have been used in America by the Spanish since the beginning of the 1500’s.

      In 1619, when a Spanish ship sent a cargo of Africans to colonial Jamestown,

      Some Africans, Mulattos, Hebrews were used first as Indentured servants,

      Serving a Master/Boss for Sevens years, then freed.
      Many became farmers themselves acquiring African servants for their own use.

      Though as Greed came into play over the next few Decades, there Developed a Worldwide desire for Slavery, and Planters in

      The New World who wanted a steady labor force could see the major benefits of Slave Labor.

      To accommodate to the demand for slavery,

      Virginia adopted New Laws in 1650,

      Establishing that Africans arriving in new cargoes after 1650 would be

      Servants for life, As would their children and their children’s children.

      Negroes are Slaves for Life as well as their Posterity (children) According to the Maxim,

      {Partus Sequitur Ventrem}

      Prior to the adoption of this doctrine in the American colonies in the 1660s,

      English Common Law had held that a child’s status was inherited from its father.

      The Law provided that only Livestock inherited Status through the Mother,
      {Partus Sequitur Ventrem}

      As for the the Sephardic account of E3a7, this would have the Hebrew relation,

      Due to the PN2/M2/M191/ background of Haplogroup E-Family which has an African Origin.

      Sephardic Hebrew % among Haplogroup E

      M2/IV – 8.4% , M35/XI – 6.8% and M78/V – 18.6% as a total of 33.8% among Sephardic Jews..

      I will also paste a video from Dr.Keita explaining your father’s PN2 marker, on the Bio Cultural Origins of Egypt..

      ( part 4 deals with PN2 marker, but please watch full video)

      Click to access keita6.pdf

      Click to access haplotypes_in_egypt.pdf

      I would also like to ask, did you take an mtDna HVR1/2 or FGS test?

      Most Hebrew Ancestry is passed down Maternally

      Since by tradition, Jewish status is inherited and follows the maternal lineage,

      Someone who is maternally descended from a Jew, even if totally unaware of their

      Jewish heritage, or even if a practitioner of another religion, is from a traditional Jewish legal perspective still a Jew.

      Likewise, a person born of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother is not considered

      Jewish by traditional Orthodox Jewish law, even if they were raised Jewish, unless they convert.

      As for the Sephardic Hebrew Surnames, I am not well versed in the Etymology of Hebrew/Jewish Surnames.

      You also mentioned Virginia 1607, Where are you currently located?

      Which DNA company did you use, and if you have not, are you willing to test your full mtDna?

      The following was written in Ian Randle’s Spring / Summer Catalogue regarding a recent publication:

      The Island of One People—An Account of the History of the Jews of Jamaica, by Marilyn Delevante & Tony Alberga:

      ” The Expulsion of Jews from Spain under penalty of death in 1492 and the journeys of ‘discovery’ of Christopher Columbus triggered the settlement of Jews in the ‘New World’ .

      This recently published book recounts the considerable political, ecconomic, and cultural strides
      of the Jewish population from the period of Spanish occupation to the acheivements of the Jewish Community in 2004.

      The book traces the Island’s Jewish population from their origins in Iberia, Spain in the Middle Ages, to their settlement in Jamaica in the 15th Century. It also explores many notable Jewish families and their rise to occupy positions in the upper echelons of Jamaican Society.”

      ISBN # 976-637-212-8 Hardback. Ths book is available from the web site

      February 4, 2004

      On the recommendation of Dorothy Kew,a link is being added to Patricia Jackson’s subscription web site, Jamaican Family Search,

      Patricia’s site has a great deal of information about Jewish records, including transcriptions of the Jewish cemetery at Falmouth which she did herself a year ago while in Jamaica, plus records of both the Sephardic and Ashkenazi congregations, birth and death records of the Amalgamated congregations, and a few records from the Montego Bay synagogue.

      It’s worth the subscription which is quite reasonable.

      The Jamaican Jewish Genealogy section has been revised.

      Please let me know if you find where ancestors have been inadvertently excluded or those living included.

      (Jews in the Caribbean Jamaica link below)

      Click to access ASF_Timeline.pdf

      (sephardic names translated link below)

      (slavery timeline in america)

      (Haplogroup E3a, E3a7,E3a7a)

      Click to access r1b3.pdf


      You are more than welcome to comment, however you should be advised NOT to use all CAPS..




      I’m E1b1a and my mtDNA result is L1b. Both of my parents are of the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.

      My surname is also found amongst Sephardic Jews and located in the Jewish Encyclopedia and Numerous other historical text.

      The family mentioned in these texts were impacted by the Inquisition, with some members becoming new Christians.

  11. @Biléh I was talking to the previous person, your formatting does not allow me to directly respond as I can’t respond to you now, therefore I was not talking to you but to the typer asar, I assumed that him didn’t want black people to be called black, as I have stated I call us Africans, or of African descent, however some don’t want to call us anything but “black” leading to confusion purposely or otherwise.

    1. Welcome BlackPhantomX,
      I do not recall you ever asking me a question 3 months ago??
      However, by all means ask your question(s).

      1. yes I can see that it has been removed however I will re-ask it..

        My original question was I believe, is now that it has been proven that the descendance of the entire human race and or the human race itselfs beginnings are originally African, should we do something in order to preserve this and or inform people, by the following going to other countries and informing them were they come from or going to different tribes with their genetic test and informing them how they came to be.

        Form our own sort of world government and start from scratch with this new understanding and new found knowledge of new world human history.

        and also what do you say to the naysayers the wpww’ers or others like that

        Write back

      2. Welcome back..

        Your question was:

        It has been proven that the descendants of the entire human race and or the human race itselfs beginnings are originally African??

        Actually anatomically modern humans (homosapiens sapien) originated in the Continent Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.

        It is known through science in the mainstream view, as the recent African Origin Model, it holds that all or nearly all modern human genetic diversity around, the world can be traced back to the first anatomically modern humans to leave Africa.

        This model is supported by multiple and independent lines of evidence, such as the fossil record and genetics, and far as science is concerned it is already preserved in the genetic community..

        I really do not see the need to go in other countries, to inform other races about their origins, thats what DNA Ancestral Origin test are for.

        Most people of African descent do not know where their ancestral origins began or migrated to, so we all have to be educated on this subject matter.. This would be the same for Europeans, Asians etc… One’s phenotype is not always an accurate indicator of a persons origins..

        You also asked what do i think about the naysayers the wpww’ers and others??

        I am not concerned with naysayers, I am only concerned with irrefutable evidence and facts, anything less is just plain ol’ rhetorical bull… I deal with enlightening my people and FACTS

        Human Origins

  12. Hello thanks for writing back I know I write alot nut, as a African america who hasn’t been to Africa I’m just curious, but I want to know about what you think about Africas and Africans hospitality to outsiders
    (ie arabs, euros etc) but their un-hospitality to us.?

    1. Welcome back,

      Let me say first, that i have never visited any of the 54 countries in Africa myself.

      However, i will say that i do not condone any atrocities brought against my people, as well as the indigenous populations of my brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia the Americas and around the world etc...

      Secondly, when you say Africans, which ethnic groups are you speaking of?

      Which Countries are you talking about?

      Lastly what do you mean by saying African hospitality to Outsiders, But their un-hospitality to us?

      I ascertain that you know America once had several indigenous populations of different ethnics groups, governing themselves without the use of any outside influence.

      These indigenous people had there own language, customs, creed, culture, religion and laws.

      Yet the United States constitution and culture to this very day, still bears the remnants of the early
      Portuguese, Spanish, Anglo-Saxon (Anglish-British), Dutch and French Conquerors /Conquistadors..

      This in not to under-mind the Arabian-Isamic influx in Africa, It is just a reminder to let us know that we still live in a world where racial inferiority, prejudice and slavery still exist…


      I Created this Blog to educate and inform others, after discovering my ancestral origins.
      I appreciate all questions and inquiries, however i prefer to keep the entire dialogue based on facts, from references, books, citations, scientific and historical research etc..


      Native Africans in America:


      Arabian Slave Trade:

      Transatlantic Slave Trade:

      African Diaspora, mtDna and Trans.Atl/Slave Trade:

      Click to access ScienPapers%5CThe_African_diaspora_Mitochondrial_DNA_and_the_Atlantic_slave_trade.pdf

      P.S. Please be more specific with your question(s) and post your references, also where are you from?

      1. Hi Bileh,

        Yes hello very sorry for getting back to you late I am from Okc, Ok I’ve been busy with school, now I know very well that you are “conscious” it is good to be conscious as most people are not, currently on my wordpress.

        I am developing a full constructive plan for as I refer to it ALPHA[]AFRICA the Africa re-birth of all of out peoples. We should in a way be united in way way that it is positive for us and not so much purposefully negative to others.

        we should notice one thing first, that each of us Africans are the same meaning that no matter where we are from we must trust and build up each other for Africa s sake, for example if an moderately successful person of African origin in america sees someone of african descent in Brazil or one of those countries that are primarily headed by caucasion racist, if the Africans there are suffering then through a network the African that’s better off can be able to and should be able to help him.

        I’ll have more on this

      2. Thanks for your comments, Best of wishes with your new endeavors…

  13. Hi billy
    Yes hello very sorry for getting back to you late I am from Okc, Ok I’ve been busy with school, now I know very well that you are “conscious” it is good to be conscious as most people are not, currently on my wordpress I am developing a full constructive plan for as I refer to it ALPHA[]AFRICA the Africa re-birth of all of out peoples.
    We should in a way be united in way way that it is positive for us and not so much purposefully negative to others. we should notice one thing first, that each of us Africans are the same meaning that no matter where we are from we must trust and build up each other for Africa s sake, for example if an moderately successful person of African origin in america sees someone of african descent in Brazil or one of those countries that are primarily headed by caucasion racist, if the Africans there are suffering then through a network the African that’s better off can be able to and should be able to help him. I’ll have more on this later …

  14. I Also Found That HAPLOGROUP E1B1A7 are Annobonese Which are Iberian jewish Slaves That Went Into EQUATORIAL GUINEA ANNOBON WEST AFRICA who was in EXILE in Those REGIONS.

    1. Welcome Shawn,
      Thanks for sharing your information on your Haplogroup M2/ E1b1a7 and the relation it shares with our Hebrew African brothers.

      Thanks Again..

  15. This is the most intellectually stimulating conversation that I have ever run across.

    ASala malakum my brothers and sisters…..keep it going….remember each one teach one……

    1. Welcome Seble!
      Thanks for your comments and kind words.. please subscribe to my Blog and come again…

  16. We are not Bedouin. We have never been Bedouin. We are Bejawi aka Ta Itjtawy the descendants of Badarians. Ababada Bejans are descended of Harifian progenitors.

    1. Thanks for your comment, What part of North Africa is your Family from?

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