Oriental-Arab Hebrews and the Black Panthers circa’ 1970..




Oriental Hebrews-jews And the Black panthers in Jeruselum circa.. 1970

By the mid-1970s, economic grievances, corruption, and the perceived haughtiness of the Labor elite led to a major shift in the voting patterns of

Oriental-Hebrew or Jews (those of  African and/or Asian origin). During the first twenty years of Israel’s existence, Oriental Jews voted for the Labor Party mainly because the Histadrut, the Jewish Agency, and other state institutions on which they as new immigrants depended were dominated by Labor. But even during the early years of the state, Labor’s ideological blend of secularsocialist Zionism conflicted sharply with the

Oriental Jews/Hebrews” cultural heritage, which tended to be more religious and oriented toward a free market economy.

As Oriental Jews became more integrated into Israeli society, especially after the June 1967 War, resentment of Labor’s cultural, political, and economic hegemony increased. Most unacceptable to the Oriental Hebrews was the hypocrisy of Labor slogans that continued to espouse egalitarianism while Ashkenazim (jewish people of german descent) monopolized the political and economic reins of power. Despite Labor’s frequent references to closing the

Ashkenazi  jew and Oriental Hebrew  socioeconomic gap, the disparity of incomes between the two groups actually widened. Between 1968 and 1971, Minister of Finance Pinchas Sapir’s program of encouraging foreign investment and subsidizing private investment led to an economic boom; GNP grew at 7 percent per year. Given the persistent dominance of Labor institutions in the economy, however, this economic growth was not evenly distributed. The kibbutzim, moshavim, and Histadrut enterprises, along with private defense and housing contractors, enriched themselves, while the majority of

Oriental Jews/Hebrews, lacking connections with the ruling Labor elite, saw their position deteriorate.

Furthermore, while “Oriental Jews/Hebrews” remained for the most part in the urban slums, the government provided new European immigrants with generous loans and new housing.   This dissatisfaction led to the growth of the first Oriental protest movement in Israel.

The Black Panthers”–based in theJerusalem slums” in early 1971.

Oriental Hebrew people, many of whom were forced to leave their homes in the Arab states, also supported tougher measures against Israeli Arabs and neighboring Arab states than the policies pursued by Labor. Their ill feelings were buttressed by the widely held perception that the establishment of an independent Palestinian entity would oblige Oriental Jews to accept the menial jobs performed by Arab laborers, as they had in the early years of the state.  

From the Bronx slums of NY…… to the slums of Jerusalem…  What gives ?

Data as of December 1988



ቢልልይ  ጋምበላ


5 Responses to “Oriental-Arab Hebrews and the Black Panthers circa’ 1970..”

  1. This is very interesting, Billy these are some of the most beautiful people and the back drop of Africa is breath taking !!

    • Bileh* Gambela በላይ ። ጋምበላ Says:

      Good look T !! I am Just trying to give a Bi-partisan perpective on Africa and Asia .. We are All Intricately related
      Shalom !

      Thanks a lot !! Listen Bruh ! Do you Over-stand, that you have the Ability to test both parents being that your Male. You should at least test one of them. I will be more than welcome to Assist You.

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      Billy* Gamb
      በላይ ። ጋምበ

  2. Shez the Algerian Says:

    WOW Gamb, the lady here resembles my paternal grandmother……this is probably why some say, we all have a twin somewhere in the world!…..it all makes sense, we are all the same people !

    • Bileh* Gambela በላይ ። ጋምበላ Says:

      It make perfect sense. Most African-American, Blacks, Negroes, Mulattoes etc.. are from the Afri-Asiatic Family Of the Sahara and North Africa. The 10 Supra/Sub Saharan countries are as follows:

      1. Morocco
      2. Algeria
      3. Tunisia
      4. Libya
      5. Egypt
      6. Mauritania
      7. Mali
      8. Niger
      9. Chad
      10. Sudan

  3. BEAUTIFUL * !!! … . . .

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