Was the Egyptians Caucasoid or Mixed African-Asiatic Race ? pt. 2 Unedited.. May 28, 2009 2:29-3 P.M. ( yet she erased my evidence once again…) Wonder why ?

May 28, 2009 8:30 AM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

I will not discuss this further.
If you wish to debate this, there are far more and better people than I who are both motivated, interested and willing to spend their time, debating with you on this issue.

Although I dislike the site myself.
There is a site called;

Stormfront, full of people you surely can enlighten.

If you wish to continue, this is not the place.

We try to post an article a day and simple dont have the time, debating back and forth while having a life outside of CFL, as well as trying to enlighten people on philosophy, history, science etc.

If this is your area of expertice there’s forums with much bigger “audience” like Stormfront, as mentioned.

I will not participate any further and any comment made by you after this one is unecessary and useless.

May 28, 2009 8:36 AM

Blogger Saint Michael said…

good bye Billy

May 28, 2009 9:06 AM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

Comment deleted due to;

*You ignore to go to the links I have provided and you ignore to read them.

*You are being a sophist and an eristic.

What you seek I’ve provided. 
You can find it, this is how I know you are ignoring them.

Comment also deleted due to:

(See my previous comment)

May 28, 2009 2:29 PM

Blogger Billy said…

What u mentioned is a Cosmic reflection of 


You said that I am a (Sophist) defintion below:

( a person who reasons with Clever Yet Fallacious arguments) 

Yet you have Not shown any studies to disprove me .. 

I Have your Study

I Have Read Your Study

It does Not provide the Caucasoid Egyptian you 

Mention Nor does it provide irrefutable Dna Evidence 

(Haplogroup B.P. date)

You also said that i was (Eristic )definiton below:

(one who aims at a argument rather than reach the truth)

Lets be Unequivocally Clear….

I Want the Truth!! 

so one more time heres my Studies 

show me Yours:

Northern Egyptians are a bit more cosmopolitan in their ancestry 64.8% indigenous African. About 20% of the Y chrom0somes are Near Eastern in Origin, and 10.5 % are Haplogroup R , Y- chromosomes. However, some of these Near Eastern and European Y chromosomes show an ancient entry to Africa (G, K2, R1a, R1b are 8,000 B.P. and older) and any historical contribution from foreign men is more likely to be in the 15% area. Divided by two (no recent female contribution to speak of). This makes non-dynastic Egyptian population around the 7% mark in Lower Egypt; and only some of this is Arab.

As for the maternal (mother’s) inheritance; this is more varied. From a study at Gurna (of modern upper Egyptians): Haplogroups;

H 14.7%, I 5.9%, J 5.9%, L0a* 11.1%, L1* 5.9%, L2a1* 19.9%, M1 14.9%, N1b 8.8%, T 5.9%, U 8.8%, 

U4 5.9%, U6 2.9%, L1c*1% L3e1* 4.0%, L3b* 1.9%, L2b* 2.0%. L1b* 4.9%. L3f*6.9%. L3d*1%.

(which group belongs to your mother ? )…..

Of these, The L haplotypes are indigenous and are typically supra and sub Saharan (23.7%),

They are at least 70,000-109,000 B.P. The Oldest in Egypt !! 

L2a1 has (49%) MtDna collectively in, 

Sudan, Nile- Valley, Ethiopia, Nubia and Egypt 

(from the White Nile to the Blue Nile)..

(the nile valley civilization)……

Thanks again for your time…

May 28, 2009 3:00 PM


Here is a direct link to her Blog Below: ( click or copy and paste )





One Response to “Was the Egyptians Caucasoid or Mixed African-Asiatic Race ? pt. 2 Unedited.. May 28, 2009 2:29-3 P.M. ( yet she erased my evidence once again…) Wonder why ?”

  1. Shez the Algerian Mozabite Says:

    Brother and Sister,

    Gamb, cut it out Sun….You know who YOU are and your genetic makeup. (Nubian-Egyptian American) You cannot enlighten everyone. It’s not for everyone….

    From what I gather, your discussion is similar to the discussion/debate topic that Cheikh Anta Diop and Theophile Obenga presented at UNESCO 1n 1974 concerning the genetic make up of the EGYPTIANS.

    Other scholars and scientists there wouldn’t allow them to take samples from the mummy’s to prove their Genetic Origin“.
    You know how that goes and what that would’ve done.

    Anyway which (Kemetians) are you guys discussing? The Ancient (Pre-Dynastic-Old Kingdom) I’ll assume the New Kingdom. In fact I’ll venture to say it wasn’t even labeled a kingdom anymore. This is the time when the Greeks came. This was roughly about 500bce. Check it, if you do the DNA study of the so-called Egyptians, no matter which time frame is concerned, you’ll see that they, themselves are descendents from Cush (Ethiopia) and Nubia.

    For arguments sake, forget it, let’s NOT argue…….anyway, the Ancient Greeks called the Kemetians/Egyptians black. They had no problem with it, so why do we?

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