Was the Egyptians Caucasoid or Mixed African-Asiatic Race? Unedited Version… May 28, 2009 1:47 P.M. (time and date stamp)

Blogger Gradient said…

Billy, Billy, Billy…

You are the one babbling, and very insubstantially I might add. 

If you want to have a prayer of doing anything except refusing in caps, you are going to have to, point by point, refute most of the skeletal and all of the genetic evidence on which Andelimia’s very strong case rests.

Asking him what his background is has negative relevancy to what that of Pharoaonic Egyptians was. What your background is, being also irrelevant. 

Try to make refutations of points WITH PHYSICAL and MEASUREABLE DATA (see I can use caps too 🙂

Your so far made 4 responses, the first of which told us what you consider yourself to be ethnically, as if that matters (obviously it doesn to you and your identity complex, to me its not so important, and has nothing to do with your accuracy).

Most importantly, none of your responses said anything about the genetic lines that exist in NE Africa, the ones there in the pharoaonic period, nor the ones most common in mummy genetic tests.

Andelimia has made copious responses including this and further physical anaysis, none of which is fallacy laden, all of which is strong on physicality, none of which you have so much as challeneged.

Now, do you need to be taught from scratch what ‘proof’ means or is your emotional attatchment to a given fiction s strong that it wouldnt even matter if I put you and I in time machine complete with DNA testing kits, Y-chrom testing kits, allowed ourselves access to every hapmap detail availible as of this day in 2009, and we both sat down and sequenced a large sample the Ancient Egyptians together? Im not sure Id enjoy your company on such a trip but thats also an irrelevant detail. You are immune to ‘proof’. What a wonderful psychopathology 😀

May 28, 2009 8:17 AM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

And yet you continue to claim Im; quote”babbling”close quote.

This intrinsic spaming, belittling, ignoring my advice to continue furthur if you wish to have a debate on this issue, ignoring my links etc, the inherent red-herrings, are just case in point.

The nature of your eristic, sophist recent behaviour, gets proven by each new comment you make.

The only thing your comment about you having been leading some conference’s, and I sincerely congratulate on that one as Im sure it must be fun and rewarding, mean is that you are very interested in the subject, you are of a certain opinion based on facts and emotive pressure, you associate and belong to one specific group of people interested in this subject opposing the other side or sides who also are interested in this subject also having conference’s.
Thus the arbitrary meaning of the comment, an appeal to authority, without knowing the legitimacy and ignoring that there’s many sides to these issues, many which dont hold your position and are more informed than both you and me, Im sure. 

I, who by the way have very, very little interest in this subject to begin with. 

So far the essence of your constructive argument has been that YOU and YOUR family has lived in Egypt for a long time and still are citizens to this day.

Which essentially says nothing about the ancient Egyptians which was what the Article was dealing with, as was all the evidence I put forth confirming the message.

If I moved to WestAfrica and my family-line somehow managed to remain Caucasian, my descendents could, a couple of hundred or thousends years from now, claim they’re indigeneous to West African land due to their presence there. 

The problem is, they were not indigeneous and when they’d then compare dental, skeletal, dna et cetera, they’ll find that Bantus have less admixture than my descendent have. They also found that the modern day Bantus are genetically similar to the ancient Bantus, when comparing dna, unlike my descendents. The latitude skin color phenomenon when it comes to my descendents is also suspect, but not so for the Bantus.

May 28, 2009 8:30 AM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

I will not discuss this further.
If you wish to debate this, there are far more and better people than I who are both motivated, interested and willing to spend their time, debating with you on this issue.

Although I dislike the site myself.
There is a site called;

Stormfront, full of people you surely can enlighten.

If you wish to continue, this is not the place.

We try to post an article a day and simple dont have the time, debating back and forth while having a life outside of CFL, as well as trying to enlighten people on philosophy, history, science etc.

If this is your area of expertice there’s forums with much bigger “audience” like Stormfront, as mentioned.

I will not participate any further and any comment made by you after this one is unecessary and useless.

May 28, 2009 8:36 AM

Blogger Saint Michael said…

good bye Billy

May 28, 2009 9:06 AM

Blogger Billy said…

Hello again… I posted the indigenous Y-chromosome study from 2005 with the Human Genetic Society and Howard University out of washington D.C. Here is the Study one more time.. Please disprove and show my finding against yours, Please do not delete:

This is more focussed on the Egyptians around Luxor, where old Upper Egypt was located. A recent DNA study by Cruciani that focused on the Y chromosome E-M78 revealed that it was ’born’ in North East Africa , not East Africa as previously thought. This means, that an Egyptian with an M78 Y chromosome has had a male line ancestry reaching back to the Pleistocene inhabitants of Egypt; as far back as the Halfan culture about 24,000 years ago. 

Y-chromosome (IV) E-M2 is diversified with (1.2% )- Lower Egypt, (27.3%) -Upper Egypt. And ( 39.1% ) -in Lower Nubia/Nile Valley.

Y-chromosome (XI) E-M35 is diversified with (11.7%)-Lower Egypt, (28.8%) – Upper Egypt. And (30.4%) in Lower Nubia/Nile Valley. 

Y-chromosome (V) E-M78 is diversified with (51.9%)- Lower Egypt, (24.2%) – Upper Egypt. And (17.4%) in Lower Nubia/Nile Valley.

(Which group belongs to your father ?)….

With an Egyptian total presence (egypt/nubia nile valley) 

(M78-94%,/ M35-71%,/ M2-68%).

(smithsonian institute study 2005).

Now post your caucasoid study:

Thanks for your time..

May 28, 2009 1:47 P.M

















2 thoughts on “Was the Egyptians Caucasoid or Mixed African-Asiatic Race? Unedited Version… May 28, 2009 1:47 P.M. (time and date stamp)

Add yours

  1. MBA

    I got part of my DNA results. On my Father side E1b1a & Mother side LOa1.

    My markers are:
    Italy,Turkey, Albanians, Serbs, Iran, Palatine, Benin, Iceland, Norway, Swedish, Ireland, Scotland, Belize, England, British Isles, Mali, Nigeria, Angola, Poland, Finland, Trinidad Tobago, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Morocco/Berber, Yemen, Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia, Chad, Sudan,

    Germany, Spain, Syria, Iraq, Greece, Iran, Portugal – Azores, Cape Verde, St. Vincent, Cote D’Ivoire (Republic of the Ivory Coast), Sao Tome and Principe, Mongolia, East Timor.

    I consider myself of North African descent with a High 95% European DNA.

    Some E1b1a are 100% Caucasians.

    1. Welcome and thanks for your comments and information on the diversity of E1b1a..

      E1b1a has a North African origin, It is said to have spread from North Africa to Western and Southern Africa around 5000 years ago.

      I belong to E1b1a my Ancestral Origins are from NorthEast Africa‘s Sudan (Nubia)…

      My haplogroup also shares ancestry with the Sephardim and Moors of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain-Portugal).

      However, even with this being said my E1b1a Ancestral origins is still in Northern Sudan.

      All haplogroups starts out with a single point of origin, then they are spread out geographically to other regions and other ethnic groups through genetic migrations and climatic movement changes.

      E1b1a is a very widespread and diverse Haplogroup that can be found in North Africa, and Northern East Africa.

      Outside of Africa, E1b1a has been found at low frequencies. In Eurasia, the clade has primarily been found in West Asia. There have also been reported a few isolated incidents of E1b1a in Southern European populations in Croatia, Malta, Spain and Portugal.

      Also what kind of test did you take? keep in mind a Autosomal Dna test does not solidify ones ancestral origins.

      Autosomal Dna Test is not a Ancestral Origin Test, it only goes back around 200-1000 years ago.

      (Y-Chromosome 67 with SNP test, Or mtDNA FGS test) are more archaic as far as there time line and are more frequently used by anthropologist and geneticist..

      E1b1a can be broken into 32 subhaplogroups, however they are all unequivocally of African Origin.

      Males Europeans or Asians that falls under this Haplogroup E1b1a would have a 100% African Origin as well.

      Thanks Again..

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