Was the Egyptians Caucasoid or Mixed African-Asiatic Race ? pt.3.. June 1st 2009 6:39 a.m. The last Attempt to let them Disprove me .. ( they mentioned they want to expose lies. lets get to the bottom of it )…

Blogger Saint Michael said…

good bye Billy

May 28, 2009 9:06 AM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

Comment deleted due to;

*You ignore to go to the links I have provided and you ignore to read them.

*You are being a sophist and an eristic.

What you seek I’ve provided. 
You can find it, this is how I know you are ignoring them.

Comment also deleted due to:

(See my previous comment)

May 28, 2009 2:29 PM

Blogger Elsinore said…

I really wish the Ancient Egyptians were black. Then blacks would be totally capable of living without help from whitey and would want to seperate from us since we ‘oppress’ them so much.

May 28, 2009 5:05 PM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

A minority of ancient Egyptians were “black”.

May 28, 2009 5:43 PM

Blogger AndelimaSephirioth said…

We are to expect a gradual change of skin color, not: 
less white, 
less olive and then 
pitch BLACK!

It’s white, 
less white, 
less olive, 
less bronze 
and black.

It’s not due to Arab invasions since modern egyptians only are less than 10% Arab and genetically are the pharaos and ancient average egyptian worker according to all DNA studies.

Then you can cry Bilady Bilady Bilady all you want.

I adviced you to move on.

May 29, 2009 8:29 AM

Blogger Saint Michael said…

Billy bring your teacher/ professor who taught you this fallacy online and lets us expose her/his lies for you.
You will get upset with her/him (as you should ) when they are exposed as liars, but at least you will know the truth, which is why you are getting an education.

You don’t really want to go thru life being mocked do you?

May 29, 2009 7:15 PM

Blogger Billy said…

Go to my blog if you want to see the FACTS: I also Copied and pasted then posted Our Prior Conversation, So that the audience can see what kind of Cowards you are… I was trying to be Diplomatic.. But if you want Problems …. I am not HARD to find…


You also said you want to expose untruths about my findings. I welcome you .. All of my studies are back by qualified scientist and geneticist.. So now, since you want to make a mockery and liar out of me COME PROVE ME WRONG !! (paste your studies and findings. I will post whatever you bring.)


June 1, 2009 6:39 AM




2 Responses to “Was the Egyptians Caucasoid or Mixed African-Asiatic Race ? pt.3.. June 1st 2009 6:39 a.m. The last Attempt to let them Disprove me .. ( they mentioned they want to expose lies. lets get to the bottom of it )…”

  1. Shez the Algerian Mozabite Says:

    Gamb, I thought I told you to chill. Your site is an informative site, whether some agree or not. You guys will just have to agree to disagree that’s all…

    There were some racist comments made that was uncalled for….
    The one about
    They wished the Egyptians were black etc. I mean, when there were so called blacks who called for separation, this country didn’t agree to it.

    The Klan agreed, and possibly a few people who were hiding their true feelings agreed, but the I’d say the majority didn’t want that. Even those that are still vocal about separation, they are branded very negatively in the media.
    No real hopes for a separitist movement there.

    Could these so called blacks live without the “white” helping hand?

    I believe so, in fact there was proof. There was BLACK WALL STREET. Look at what happened to that town, why it happened and how it happened.

    A better question is could whites live w/o the blacks and/or any other people that are kept in a subordinate and inferior position helping them out.

    When you know short history and how destructive the slave trade and other forms of “Diaspora” was you’ll understand why the so called black people are in the position they are in.. (State-less, Nation-less). Everything was taken from them. Their Nationality religion, creed, culture, tongue etc…. They weren’t allowed to educate their young. The babies were then re-educated with false information to feel inferior and killed to ensure the inferiority complex. Lastly, these individuals were forced to worship a “Religion” alien to them.

    Told things like an obedient slave will make it to the Kingdom of Heaven etc. Mental Slavery…..
    That’s the reason why these so called blacks “feel” they need “Whitey” to help them….

  2. Shez the Algerian.. Says:

    I’m back……. I got a little side tracked earlier.

    The concept of the process of “colorization” is interesting though…..
    The white-less white-olive etc. I have never heard of that. EVER! I can’t say it’s wrong,
    I’ll just say that the scientists who do this kind of study got it Wrong!

    Is this saying that life started in Europe or far north of the equator?
    Is this pre-glaciation or post glaciation?
    This would mean that the early humans left their “motherland” travelled south to Afrika and left their traces there.
    Fossils found in Afrika are dated as being older than any found in Europe.

    As far as the DNA goes, scientists have said that certain Afrikans had the purest DNA. Individuals tested in many other regions on the globe, all possessed this “Afrikan” DNA.
    (Even white people) BUT, the Afrikans DID NOT possess the
    European DNA. This is many many thousands of years ago by the way ….

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