A Summary of the Egypt Debate … June 1 2009 7:24 am

May 29, 2009 8:29 AM

Blogger Saint Michael said…

Billy bring your teacher/ professor who taught you this fallacy online and lets us expose her/his lies for you.
You will get upset with her/him (as you should ) when they are exposed as liars, but at least you will know the truth, which is why you are getting an education.

You don’t really want to go thru life being mocked do you?

May 29, 2009 7:15 PM

Blogger Billy said…

Go to my blog if you want to see the FACTS: I also Copied and pasted then posted Our Prior Conversation, So that the audience can see what kind of Cowards you are… I was trying to be Diplomatic.. But if you want Problems …. I am not HARD to find…


You also said you want to expose untruths about my findings. I welcome you .. All of my studies are back by qualified scientist and geneticist.. So now, since you want to make a mockery and liar out of me COME PROVE ME WRONG !! (paste your studies and findings. I will post whatever you bring.)


June 1, 2009 6:39 AM


Blogger Billy said…

I gonna make all of yous FAMOUS.. I have the Genetic community comparing our findings as we speak.. thanks for the debate.. as i mentioned before my Fathers haplogroup M2/E3b my mother is haplogroup L2a1. Both parents (121%) give me the genetic make up of the Modern Indigenous Egyptian of TOday… If you can prove that I am Not a 121% Pure Egyptian Afri-Asiatic Male .. Please Show the Global Community or 4ever SHUT THE HELL UP !! 

(the world is watching ..) watch what u say…

June 1, 2009 7:24 AM

Deleteቢልልይ ጋምበላ





3 Responses to “A Summary of the Egypt Debate … June 1 2009 7:24 am”

  1. Andelima Sephirioth@blogspot.com Says:

    AndelimaSephirioth said…

    You are stubborn as a donkey;

    “I will not discuss this further.
    If you wish to debate this, there are far more and better people than I who are both motivated, interested and willing to spend their time, debating with you on this issue.

    Although I dislike the site myself.
    There is a site called;

    Stormfront, full of people you surely can enlighten.

    If you wish to continue, this is not the place.

    We try to post an article a day and simple dont have the time, debating back and forth while having a life outside of CFL, as well as trying to enlighten people on philosophy, history, science etc.

    If this is your area of expertice there’s forums with much bigger “audience” like Stormfront (white supremacy site), as mentioned.

    I will not participate any further and any comment made by you after this one is unecessary and useless.”

    Good bye Billy.
    We moved on because we aim to post an article a day, if this does not suit you, cry me a river and after that,
    I’ll jump up in a both with you and sail you all the way down to Stormfront,
    where you can battle windmills. If we are not able to respond to you due to the reasons mentioned,
    then your comments would be regarded as disinformation as all information creates memes.
    If I leave your comments up un-answered due to our lack of time and inability dealing with you specifically due to our busy schedule, that would not be fair to us, the opposition.

    That would be taking an advantage of our schedule. If we had the time or the interest, we would allowed the comments up since we would not be concerned about disinformation due to the hypothetical debate.
    You presenting it at your blog is better, since it is on your territory and if someone has the time and interest, they will take their time due to their interest and go on to your blog and engage you there.
    This is what your blog solely is about, the opposite is the reality for us.

    Well met!

    June 1, 2009 4:48 PM

    Billy said…

    Thanks Guys…

    June 1, 2009 5:02 PM

    AndelimaSephirioth said…
    No problem Billy, appreciate your understanding… at last, at least.
    Dont forgett, if you feel like debating with someone that has both the time and the interest, visit Stormfront. *white supremacy site*

    We are not representatives, examples, have neither time nor have any interest in this specific debate, although I understand why you do and would want us to have and be.

  2. They really cant stand that the Egyptians were not English or Irish eh? 🙂

    • Billy Gambela Says:

      I agree.. but what they really could Not stand was the TRUTH …

      Thanks for stopping by…

      ቢልልይ ጋምበላ

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